Logger's Pride Bar and Chain Oil

Logger's Pride Chain Oil is a naphthenic base oil that has been hydro-treated for improved stability. A tack additive has been blended in to reduce sling-off.

The History of Logger's Pride Bar and Chain Oil

The history of Chain Oil began in the 1960's when Gurley Oil Company (West Memphis) introduced a 24/1 quart case of re-refined oil without a tack additive selling wholesale for $6.00 per case.

In the mid 1960's Hunter Oil in Florida introduced STA-ON in 6/1 gallon cases. STA-ON was a virgin oil with a tackifier additive sold exclusively to chain saw shops at a wholesale price of $14.00 a case.

In the mid 1970's C-Mac in Tennessee duplicated the STA-ON Formula and sold to both chain saw dealers and oil distributors.

In 1977 Davison Oil Company began buying form C-Mac and later in the same year introduced the private label Sav-A-Chain which was the C-Mac product packaged for Davison Oil Company.

In the early 1980's Jim Yeager, one of the few original C-Mac employees left, resigned to go into business for himself. Jim, with product knowledge and a relationship with Davison oil Company, blended, packaged and sold Davison the identical formula.

Later in the 1980's C-Mac was sold and Davison's relationship with Yeager Oil grew leading to the 1985 merger of the two firms. The new firm, with years of knowledge and experience in chain oil, introduced Logger's Pride Bar and Chain in 6/1 gallons.

Logger's Pride unique formula is the "Rolls Royce" of the industry. The knowledge gained over the years and a formula different from any in the industry has made Logger's Pride one of the most asked for products of its kind. It's unique formula gives added life to both bar and chain; once experienced, the difference can and will be appreciated.